PR 63 Thermal Broken Opening System

High specification system with thermal insulation, provides optimum protection from cold, heat, as well as, noise ensuring ideal conditions internally. It is the best solution for people with high expectations from aluminium systems offering excellent technical and aesthetic solutions.

Basic characteristics of PR63 Aluminium Profile

  • Sash width 63mm
  • Frame width 55-108mm
  • Can embrace double glazing 10-40mm
  • Heat transfer and noise blocked out by using 24mm polyamide
  • Energy saving by reducing the cost of heating and cooling
  • Preventing the water condensation on the indoor side of the profile
  • Complete waterproof is assured with specially designed drainage channels for all profiles. additionally, three EPDM gaskets ensure the maximum water and air tightness
  • The central gasket is installed with a vulcanised corner gasket in such a way which prohibits leakage from the 45 corner
  • Special designed profiles for constructing entrance doors without bottom rail, easier, faster and without special profile treatment
  • Specially designed thermal break profiles ensure the perfect tightness at the bottom of the entrance doors.
  • The assembly can be accomplished also with the use of a gripping machine and special adhesive
  • Special profiles can be used for perimetric locking of windows

Product Image

PR63 Aluminium Windows and Doors

Technical Drawing

PR63 Aluminium Windows and Doors

Noise Reduction

Specifically developed glass in order to target unwanted sounds in the high-frequency range.

Performance Glass

Low emission glass has the transparent coating that minimises the amount of ultraviolet light.

Energy Efficiency

Help to save energy costs and better thermal performance in your place.