PR 35 Sliding System

PR 35 is an aluminium sliding system is for sliding doors, windows and big openings with impeccable design in smooth straight and curved line.

Basic characteristics of PR35 Aluminium Profile

  • Sash width 35mm
  • Can embrace double glazing 10-22mm
  • The frame of the system is available in widths of 100mm, 150mm & 200 mm.
  • The sliding of the system becomes on an additional driver (stainless steel or anodized) for more easy sliding and friction ‘s reduction without the destruction of the colour from the use.
  • Multi-point locks up to 3 points for the maximum security of the system. The striking plates are made of steel and are installed easily from the constructor in the special designed chamber of the frame. The lock is also easily installed to the chamber of the sash.
  • Smooth sliding with big diameter rollers (27mm) and their replacement doesn’t need the dismantling of the sash. Easy to adjust.
  • The driver of the frame is supported directly to the center which eliminates the warp of the profile in big and heavy constructions.
  • The same profile of sash is used for successive and inside wall sliding constructions.
  • The connection of the frame is made simply and quickly with the use of screws and alignment corners which simplifies the assembly.
  • Big corner joint for the sash in order to have a stable construction.
  • Ergonomic handle for a flyscreen.

Product Image

PR35 Aluminium Windows and Doors

Technical Drawing

PR35  Aluminium Windows and Doors Sliding System

Noise Reduction

Specifically developed glass in order to target unwanted sounds in the high-frequency range.

Performance Glass

Low emission glass has the transparent coating that minimises the amount of ultraviolet light.

Energy Efficiency

Help to save energy costs and better thermal performance in your place.